Thursday, 23 April 2015

23rd April 2015 - Imports and less Important things

Thought for the day : "There's a new movie called "Constipation"....  It hasn't come out yet "

First day available for a nice lie in - and the phone goes at a quarter to nine. Such is life!
Thinking about table cloths - I know life is sad - but we need them for next week as there appears to be no movement upon litigation or negotiation.

So trip to Swansea to look at some material shops - 

Managed to find 18 metres of a rather nice fabric very similar to our previous table cloths - a good russet red and of a velvet style so useful and likely to last for many years.  At a very reasonable cost for the quality of material - not as good as some of the small amounts that we have been getting via ebay - but timing is now upon us - our first major event of the revival is upon us.

Also found some very good prices for Church Candles locally and have decided to use some of our old wedding bowls to hold the candles.

And today, surprise surprise, after weeks of silence from the other solicitors, seems I struck a nerve. So may I take the opportunity of welcoming one of my readers and followers who saw my post about the poor organisers of the Ravenstone Event. I can only presume that they got in touch with him and put his mind at rest as we received a response from the solicitors of the "other" party quoting my blog..  Okay they cut out the relevant part that said I was helping people, but obviously I have a fan !! Or at least someone who is watching what I say ...   Matters not to me .. The important thing is that someone finally got their act together and presumably have told the event organiser that they actually have a bar...   Only a day to go - Well done !!!

 I wish Ravenstone Event well  - I hope you are not disappointed.

Meanwhile - No good deed goes unpunished - it seems my olive branch has been spurned - so be it ...

Managed to pop across to some old friends in Pontardawe this evening and pick up some wall hangings and some plain hangings that could well have some painting and/or embroidery on them for extra design. Still think that we will be going for a simple look for the first event.

Now have access to a 35 mt x 25 mt Big top and set up crew - that is a large Marquee !!! Maybe will be sotring it for them in the warehouse...  Also may have access to up to 40 ft of Bars - that is a good thought.

And on other news : the saga of the import duties that are charged for gifts sent from daughter to mother..  It seems my sister sent a gift to my mother - two fitted sheets - floral - that we cannot get in this country, a couple of plastic cups and some solar butterflies..  Sadly - she filled in the customs claim correctly and over estimated the prices and suggested that they would be about $60. She was more shocked by the cost of mailing which was about the same !!!

Now it turns out that in this country - if you send a gift with a value over £36 then it is not subject to custims - but you have to pay the VAT. (for other trade stuff you pay after £15 and customs and everything)  So VAT is then payable - okay I can accept that I suppose - though I think a gift should be a gift .. But then they do not caharge VAT on the value of the gift - $60  - no! they add onthe cost of the postage (another $60) and apply 20% VAT on the lot !!     £16.84 was the calculation for extra payment ....    But not being all - that is what is paid to HMRC - or Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs!!   But Parcelforce then add a compulsory £8 admin charge to add insult to injury... 

I must say ..  they are probably the most expensive fitted sheets I have seen for a while!!  Though in fairness we could not find any in this country. Note to self ...  put in smaller parcel with a value under £35

Makes you feel a little sympathetic to Poldark and those who may have run some clandestine deliveries in the past .... maybe there is a little smuggler in my heart !!!

So - the site plan for CP is posted - time for some more planning

Glass of Blossom Hill tonight
Cheers !

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