Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21st April 2015 - More Planning and not just for us

Thought for the day : " I ate a load of food colouring last night, I think I might have dyed a little inside"  

This evening I had a call from the organiser of the Ravenstone St George's Day event in Leicester area. He was panicking a little as he had not heard at all from the "Crimson Moon" regarding this weekend's event. This is on a Tuesday before a Friday opening event!!!

Now, I know it is not my problem, and I had taken a tactical decision not to approach the organisers with a view to stealing the event - mainly because I have things I want to do this weekend, and mainly because we are setting up for Curious Pastimes on Tuesday and it would put extra strain on the set up...   But I am staggered that they should be left in this situation.  Separately, I have seen a link from a singer who claims to be playing on Saturday Night in the Moon at that event - so a little research shows that this person is linked to those who are likely to be providing the bar.. However, the organiser cannot get hold of anyone by mobile phone, or email, or via facebook ....

Again, I have spent the last four months ensuring that I have made no adverse comments or personal statements on any social media or personally or verbally. I shall not change that now - but I felt obliged to try to assist the organisers - if only because that is the decent thing to do. If there is no TEN in place than it is too late for the village to get a license for the event - but the least I could do was try to put them in touch with any of the links that I would think might allow them to talk.

And so, after some research I have sent them details that I hope will assist them. On a personal basis I do not wish the bar to appear on the village green, but knowing that they have a new tent, I rather expected it to happen. I can live with that - especially if the way they treat their customers is to leave them up in the air with only days to go.... Maybe next year we will put a bid in to replace them.

Rant over !!!   Do I feel better ?  Well not really !

So, on other matters, emptied the trailer today and did a stock check so have a list of what we have.
Bookers all linked now, so have started doing a list on line of what we may need. Lyme Bay called and I will put an order in for some more mead by the end of the week.
Remembered that we will need glasses for this event - we have a few boxes but not enough for the whole event - so better to get a free delivery and enough for two events.

Checklist :
Curious Pastimes
TEN - Done
Tables and Benches  - Done
Bar Ordered - Done
Beer Ordered - Done
Bookers Changed - Done

Black Rat - found on line ordering - to do
Freezer - to do
Order Bookers - started  - to do
Redo Lighting for the Bar - to do
Collect wall Hangings - arrangements made for tomorrow - to do
Table Cloths - to do
Order Party Plastics - to do
Lyme Bay - to do

The Vale
Ten - done
Find Benches and Trestles - to do
Extra Staff Member - done - we will welcome Peter Scott as Bar Staff

Meanwhile - in the garden, the old pond is stripped out and the new pond liner is in place and water added to fill - it has to settle over night and then be trimmed tomorrow. Took some photographs but they will have to go up tomorrow. Garden gate fell off  - but managed to screw the hinges back so the chickens can't get out... Such is life..

So - a busy day all in all. Up early in the morning.. Appendant Orders for the red Cross of Constantine...    Never a dull moment...

Susie has steralised the demijohns and the latest Chateau 41 is settling....   Better have a glass of port tonight...   Cheers

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