Sunday, 19 April 2015

19th April 2015 - Of toiling, Terry and Green Things

Thought for the day: "I'm just one step away from being filthy rich - all I need now is the money"

Cleared some more of the back garden today - Susie emptied the pond while I cleared the back garage area. Beginning to look a little better. took down one of the fences that used to keep the dogs off the garden as 'Thena does not come down the garden int he same way - and it looks a lot bigger.

First viewer tomorrow at lunch time.

My friends from Germany - the Hoodie Crows, finally made it back to their home country after a couple of weeks touring Wales, England and Scotland.

Once of my favourite songs from the gig at  the Tollgate was a song written by Sebastian as a tribute to Terry Pratchett - and I share it here today ... "The humour and the Rage" ( a song for Terry)


And so, as dinner is approaching in the evening I shall share some statistics for the day....

Hoping the Chateau 41 is ready soon - Not sure what glass I will be raising tonight...
but sure I shall find one !!!

Cheers !!

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