Monday, 20 April 2015

20th April 2015 - First Viewer for House & Event Preparation

Thought for the day: " Death is the No1 Killer in the world "

So, the first visitor to the house since it arrived on the market. And ont he day that we decided to splash out (no pun intended) on a new pool liner and ground sheet, he really was most interested in the size of the garden - for conversion to fitnesss and athletic business. 

Was also interested in the potential for turning the house into flats - and walked around a few times - so there may be some interest - we shall see.

If nothing else we have a very clean and tidy house for a change

Meanwhile search for a new car is slow - nothing around except one in Coventry which keeps on popping its head up.  But it is a long way away if there are problems - and to be honest, there is smoething about Coventry that puts me off - can't think what !!!

So - a week away from travelling to the first Curious Pastimes Event and having to think about ordering for that event:

So - set up for PACCAR Event 1
We are envisaging using Bertha as the Bar Tent and Hilda (I think that is what we named the new tent - HildaBrand New) as the main sitting area.

Ordered from Sam McGee -
Double front Bar 2 x 8ft high bar
Single Back Bar - 1 x 8ft high Bar
1 rear trestle for shorts and display

Lager :  6 x 11 gallon  (sale or return)
Cider :  4 x 11 gallon  (sale or Return)

Bombardier : 1 x 18 gallon
Bombardier : 3 x 9 gallon
Eagle IPA    : 1 x 18 gallon
Eagle IPA    : 4 x 9 gallon

NB - the real ale is no longer sale or return so this is a gamble
We have 2 blonde ales taken from the last event - Unicorns - but the date is short so cannot guarantee whether they are drinkable.

We may have to take a lot of ale to the next events or find a home for them

Prices will follow so we can calculate properly the margins.

Pumps : 4 x handpull / 2 lager / 2 cider

We are currently carrying one still scrumpy cider - Navelgazer - 20 litres.
Consideration for Black rat - as it will be expected.

Black Rat Sales

For reference

PACCAR Scout Camp
Denham Lane
Chalfont st Peter

Next : Bookers
Seems that Watford is the closest store to Chalfion St Peters so I called them with the custiomer number and confirmed that they coudl deliver on Wednesday or Thursday prior to the Bank Holiday in the Chalfont St Peter area. As we are on site until late, they have no problem with adding a delivery as it can be late in the day and added on top of their other deliveries.
There has always been confusion int he past as to how the custiomer account gets transferred - but it seems that they have a new software available now - so having made the arrangemetns - they will trasnfer the account to Watford so I can look on line and choose what items I want delivered.
This will be an on line booking - paid for with credit card. Any Variations in the items delivered will be adjusted in due course.

So - a good day so far :
Checklist :
TEN - Done
Tables and Benches  - Done
Bar Ordered - Done
Beer Ordered - Done
Bookers Changed - Done

Black Rat - to do
Freezer - to do
Order Bookers - to do
Redo Lighting for the Bar - to do
Collect wall Hangings - to do
Table Cloths - to do
Seems about right to me ...

Cheers !

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