Wednesday, 21 May 2014

21st May 2014 - Leaving Pwll & Scouting out new Locations

Thought for the day: "Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak."

Well the Pwll site is officially closed ..   

With the assistance of Roger and Maxine and their Box Trailer, the store for the last few months is now emptied and the contents. The subject of boxes has dominated much of what I have written about the last year or so and this may show the reason for that ... This was a section of the old store showing, guess?? Boxes !
This was of course after clearing most of the boxes from the stores - so this shows the furniture and the bulky stuff..  
But at the end of the day - I finally manged to get to this point..
Which allows me to hand the keys back - and move to the next stage..
Meanwhile.....  At the shoreline...
A large and empty room, except for the freezer that has already moved in....Luckily, we can stay here for a few months and hopefully until October....  so well packed ...
Yes - I said I had boxes !!!   This was the first load....
And this was the second load...  beginning to fill up the space quite well -
A few additional items on the other side - nearly there ..
Add some furniture - the large stuff - the wardrobes and the shelving units - but still quite tight...

Oh yes - I mentioned the last stack of boxes to come from the Pwll Store.. They needed to go in as well, add the settee and the armchair - and Bingo !!!

Not a bad day !!!
But one of the interesting things for me as I leave the Pwll Church Hall for the last time and hand in the keys that the last time I was in here before for storage was back in the late 70's, early 80's when I was a warranted Scout and Cub Pack leader and the 1st Pwll Scouts and Cubs met here every Wednesday evening..   I well remember playing the games and teaching knots and checking badges in the very room ..
It has been sold now so it is unlikely will be used as a community hall again. In fact I believe that one of the reasons it was closed is that it now fails to meet the required regulations for a public building - a pity - it still has a good little stage area .. Another small bit of my history passes.

But as I was closing the door and leaving I met the fellow who owns/rents the garage next door and a conversation ensued. I can forgive him for not recognising me.. but as he stated that he had been in the village all his life and knew everyone, I had to admit that I used to be the local bobby living in the police house next to the school...  It took him a few minutes and a check of my name - at which point he says "your wife was Sue !!!  And she was something with the playschool - my kids went there" I remember you...
Another era - another memory
I think I may deserve a glass of Chateau 41 - before it all goes ...

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