Monday, 28 October 2013

28th October 2013 - Blowing and Bellringing...

So, the Storm of all Storms, the "biggest since 1987 when the Sevenoaks were uprooted", the calamities and the riders of the Apocalypse... urr - seems to have missed us!

Some of the south coast apparently had a little bit of a blow, but most of it seems to have gone right up the channel and headed off into Scandinavia. The wonders of Facebook did allow me to follow two friends who were on sea crossings on Ferries waiting to try to get into Dover, but other than that we have had a quiet day.

Another blast form the past also appeared on Facebook with the Bellringer's Song recorded at one of my previous trips to the Toll Gate..  Edited a bit and using some software to steady the hand held, but still comes out fairly reasonably..

Only a few more in the pipeline at the moment - but time to work on them ....

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