Thursday, 24 October 2013

24th October 2013 - getting back to normalcy...

Woke this morning feeling considerably better.

 Of course the 6am text from Sky saying that their engineer would arrive between 10am and 12 midday was slightly more notice than I needed, and another reason that I begin to hate this mobile phone world that I live in these days.

Yesterday I had a friend spend about an hour trying to persuade me that QR codes are the way forward and that I could not live without them. Though I understand their value, the fact that I do not have a phone that can effectively take a photograph and certainly could not translate the QR code into anything realistic - let alone not get onto the internet to resolve the code and find the location of the website, seemed to leave him slightly flummoxed.  We agreed to disagree in the end on the basis that I was a luddite (accepted) and that I would find my way to a smart phone in the future.  He may be right - but it is not a future that I look forward to. Me trying to access a smart phone will be like me watching my mother trying to use a standard mobile phone. I know the value of it. I know it is useful. But I really don't like the way it works...

So as I sit here with BBC News on the laptop - broadcast onto the big TV ( see - I can work the technology when it is a sensible size and not too small for m. y stubby fingers) waiting or the Sky man to come, next door's builders have started the work. They are stripping all the cladding of the back of the house to prevent the damp. Seems as though it may be a long job. Hopeful that the Sky Man can work a wonder but not very confident.

And while I am sitting here, the words of a famous tune come to my mind .... in latin..


May have to put it to music later....  Put the first line onto Facebook - wonder what reaction it may get from the Geeky out there.....
Cup of tea needed I think while I wait...Sunny day but a chill in the air. Still no need for heating which is a bonus while the world discusses the increase in energy prices....

SKY arrived and to my astonishment not only looked at the problem and did not say "sorry guv.. can't do that!!" but decided that an extension to the dish - a new pole and another dish attached to the wall down the garden, as a temporary  measure - with a phone number to call the engineer back when the work was completed so that it can be put back together. "Don't call sky as they will class it as a new call and have to charge you £65 - call me and I will mark it as a follow up call to this one and we will put it back - though I think you need a new dish and the receiver is a little old.."

Can't fault the service at all....

Stood outside for a while when they were working and it is clearly true - it is warmer outside than inside. Need to consider this global warming thingie after all ???

So now I have TV back - don't think I want to watch anything.....

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