Friday, 25 October 2013

25th October 2013 - Wet and Windy - More to come..

Llanelli did not really suffer much today. In fact, as I went down the garden it was again fairly warm and unseasonably bright. No reason to overdo it of course. The cough is still an irritating presence in the throat, and energy levels are pretty low, but all in all not too bad a day..

Another video put onto the lists : This time an old favourite "Agna's Lament" from the old days in Curious Pastimes. Of course, not an original song, but one that has had the Vollsanger treatment over the years.

This led to getting out the old Songbook, and a decision is bubbling in the background that it really needs to get a bit of a sorting. It has been added to willy-nilly without much organisation (for much read none) and the list is quite large really. So much so that somehow the hours between 1pm and 3pm drifted away without notice - leaving me with only a few minutes to get ready for a trip up to Aberaeron.

Last minute decision to cancel food, as it was a long way to drive after being housebound for the week, and a good decision it turned out to be.

Outside of Llanelli, the weather was in a different range and standard. Winds, Storms, flooding on the roads, an angry Cardiganshire farmer at the foot of Temple Bar with a broom in the driving rain was trying to stave off  half a mile of downhill river from the front of his premises. He wasn't very impressed with my driving a 4x4 through the stream - I tried to go slowly, but did not see him until the last minute...  Sorry Mr Farmer!!!

Road closed and diversion in place at Llanllwnnen to Llanybydder so a detour required. Late start, detour and diversion - but managed to get to Aberaeron in time for tea and sandwich before getting the organ wound up.

Return journey was again wrought with storm until the threshold of Llanelli - where once again the roads seemed dry and  clear, the wind but a gentle breeze and the sky clear...   Llanelli once again seems to be holding its own climate zone - and for once I am glad..

The news for the next few days though is not so good - massive storms on the way, trees ready to be uprooted and flooding expected.

We will see what happens ...

Oh - got a new pair of slippers today - and not even my birthday   :)

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