Tuesday, 9 July 2013

9th July 2013 - Day in the sun

A lovely hot day today.
Up at the crack of  almost last night - 5am - to make breakfast for our visitor from Germany - his need to get back to Germany today via Southampton - not an easy jopurney - so needed a good start with home cured bacon, eggs form the girls and home made bread.
The Mushrooms were bought - but you can't do everything !"!

Bertha's lid is now complete and I spent some of the evening scorching the straps to stop them fraying.
Had a long try to see how the Bothy Firdge works - but not sure that it is woring on wither mains or 12volt.
Checked the fuses and beginning to get an idea of how the  wiring works - seems to be a charger for the leisure batteries when hooked onto the electrics - but not at all convinced that the fridge is working
Sadly cannot remove it to see if there is  fuse or something similar that may be stopping it working.

Managed to fix a couple of the weapon racks inside. Still need to see how to get the Lyre fixed with the guitars - plans in place...

Father in law is home now and settling in well - new laptop so hoping I can get his skype working so we can talk with him. Mother in law still in hospital but seems settled...

Curious Pastimes Event this weekend - and frantically practicing new songs....

Better try a glass of scotch   - "here's health to the Barley Mow !!"


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