Friday, 26 July 2013

26th July 2013 - Packing and Pathways

Two days to go before heading off to Germany. It seems strange to be not setting up the Crimson Moon in Caerphilly Castle - our first time being absent in many years. But two cases of Moniack and a selection of Lyme Bay meads will be delivered there during the course of the day. Ready to be picked up on Sunday on the way out....

So the living room table has the combined song books of 45 years, the Vollsanger songbook which is the current version - but on this occasion I decided to also add the gathered songs from a generation in case of a sudden need for words......

All the Guitars are now clearly marked with the Vollsanger Legend ( here all week )  and sets of guitar strings from all over the house - old and new - so urgent repairs can be done int he heat. The rechargeable lights are all sorted, and tapestry pictures ready for transfer.

Old Faithful  "Lady Love"

The 16 string Lyre
and the 12 String...
So, it seemed a good day to break up a couple of pallets so they could be used for vegie trays. Sensibly did this early this morning before it got too hot !!

And to cool off it seemed like a good idea to wash down the patio with the Karcher power hose, and get some disinfectant on everything to stop it smelling of dog... So that led to washing the path down to get rid of the chicken poo ( not as bad as my previous altercations with chicken poo !!) .
And that got me to the Bothy - so it had a wash down as well. And a touch of Hammerite anti-rust spray paint - I was going like a good 'un like a mother on steroids..  painting everything in site.  Sadly - when I moved the Bothy to get to the other side for washing - I parked a little close to the gates and found that as I brushed passed later - managed to get white paint all over my stomach...  Seems Hammerite does not wash off easily - certainly does not want to come off in the shower !!!

And so, armed with the new heavy duty staple gun, I attacked the Bothy Loo which was the one part of the Bothy that was not lined with carpet. Finding some rolls of wall carpeting I valiantly covered the walls and tagged the corners. Probably will have to revisit the back wasll at some time - as I did not realise that I had a huge width of roll in one section and did not need to do it in sections - however - it is sufficient for the moment.

And so, mainly clean from washing te pathways and byways, and a little white in places from non-removable paint...  I think it is probably time for Gin and Tonic!! ...  The Dogs are moaning that we are neglecting them again - it being at least half an hour past their dinner time..   so better finish the blog for the moment and go and sort them - and us ...


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