Saturday, 20 July 2013

20th July 2013 - Electrics and Energy

Apparently, we are in the best heatwave since 2006, and interestingly this year we are not subjected to a hosepipe ban, so watering the garden and the occasional dog is not proving too difficult.

Today I branched out into the unknown areas of vehicle electrics - scary stuff!!
It all comes down to the Fridge in the Bothy.  AS it was not working I naturally took it to the Fridge doctor who did what any good fridge doctor would do - plugged it in despite my remonstrations, and found that it was working. (Damn Him !!) Also managed to get the gas working on the fridge while telling me that I could not use it as it was not properly vented (Double Damn him !!)  And then has the sheer audacity to tell me that the 12 volt version can only work when the engine is running as it will drain the leisure battery in 15 minutes or so !!  And that it is wired wrong!!! (Triple Damn!!)

So, deciding that the fridge was probably not working properly as it was too restricted in the air flow behind. I had not realised how hot the back of a fridge can get !!  I took the cover off and cut a section out to increase air flow. Put an old mushroom cage form the supermarket over the hole and that provides a good barrier for the drawers. Plug in at 240 volts works well.  Connected up the gas via a new extended tube so the gas can be placed outside the vehicle ( just thinking safety )  and also works well. Constructed a Heath Robinson -ish chinmney set up that can be attached and get the carbon monoxide out of the vehicle - with the decision to use it only when the door is open and I am outside - but it might keep the milk fresh!!!

Which brought me to the 12 volt system. It seems that a relay can be added to the main battery - so that it feeds the leisure battery when the engine is running - but intelligently will not draw power when the engine is off ( fingers crossed - we will see tomorrow after it is connected for a whole day )  so that the fridge can be switched to 12 volt when the engine is running...

well - whatever - it was a day's work for me and not in my comfort zone running wires between the batteries and back - al;so added a cigarette lighter to the leisure battery - it lit up - but would not work - so par for the course I reckon!!  Wiring is still there - may take the one I have back to Halfords and get another and try a simple one.

Of course - life does not all run smoothly...  Happened to look at the Car Tax yesterday and found that I had been neglectful in renewing at the beginning of the month so hurriedly booked the car in for an MOT this morning - sadly - needs some work on the wheel bearings so cannot be done till Monday - so car off the road now till then. Luckily, have a very gracious mother so we are still mobile.

Beefburgers for dinner - and a glass of New Road Chablis...  Better call it a day ...

Oh - I covered the electrics - the energy is sort of lacking in the heat .....

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