Monday, 22 July 2013

22nd July 2013 - Of vehicles and songs...

Early start required to get the vehicles all into garages and available for hospital runs. The MOT running out was a bit of a blow and the failure to pass on Saturday through out many plans. Also the list of "problems" on the Terrano looked a little daunting, so with a degree of trepidation both the Bothy and the Terrano were lodged in the garage - leaving me with a day to wait for the phone call.  

Was late afternoon when I finally gave up and rang in to find out if there was bad news, but the Bothy had managed her service and the Terrano was having the finishing touches put onto the MOT. Fearing the worst - credit card in hand I called in to collect. Luckily, they had managed to repair a couple of the items rather than having to get new parts and a anti-roll bar thingie ( you may notice the level of technical knowledge I have gained recently ) was apparently okay when the vehicle was on the road, though a little loose when on the ramp jacked up - so that it only ended up as an advisory,.

As a result - £32 for the repairs and £40 for the MOT. Bonus....

Of course the Bothy service came out a lot more expensive - mainly because of £85  of oil in the oil change!!
A good check through, air filter and oil filter and change of oil seems to be the result - though the total cost was £190. But it needed doing before going to Germany.

So both vehicle back, and the pocket is a lot emptier than the start of the day.
Still have to tax the Car - so that will be another pile of money.

But we are mobile again - and ready to go.

A day of hunting for songs - mainly Irish and drinking songs and listing and printing for the Mythodea songbook.  

Oh - and a royal baby - it was a boy apparently so all that fuss about changing the gender issues for royalty succession came to nothing.

Wonder if it was a hypnobirth??

Drinking mainly diet coke today - too hot for anything really.
Storms are threatening - but does not look likely here.

7 days and counting to Mythodea... 

The Vinshar

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