Wednesday, 10 April 2013

10th April 2013 - Oops - missed a few days......

Somehow missed April Fools Day. Is easily done. Seems I have been unable to get into the blogging muse for a couple of weeks - as been a little busy.
But now down in Exmouth for a couple of days.
Bothy passed its general test at the Garage yesterday. Needed two tyres but that is standard and a couple of cautionary points - brake pipes will need replacing sometime and a tiny bit of non-essential welding on the sills - but all in all seems to be pretty sound. Rather glad as I am getting rather fond of it.

Trip to Glastonbury for the Glastonbury Medieval Fayre - and found the heater in the back a real life-saver. No idea how the leisure batteries connect to the electricity for re-charging - but the Solar Panel seems to cover most of the charging requirements.
 Also managed to get 4 kegs of Lager and two kegs of cider into the back and drove with no problems - but then it should really !!

However - it seems that Re-enactors should not be allowed to sing LARP songs in the Crimson Moon. On the day of the battle I could hear the gentle refrain of the Green One - but somehow the words were wrong.....

Then a trip to Macclesfield, overnight stay in the Masonic Hall Car Park - which was a bit of a surprise to the local members who were concerned  that an Old Age Traveller had descended into their car park - and was the fore-runner of some form of hippy fest.....  Soon introduced myself and enjoyed a private tour of the Lodge building, first lodge formed in 1787 or so....  and a chance to practice on their electric digital Allen Organ. Impressive piece of machinery - at least 30 years old !!

But now in Exmouth. New Tom Tom guessed the travel time well - within a minute of calculated journey time. And our first night in the campervan with two of us sleeping. Too warm !!  Did I just say that ?? after the last few weeks? Me ?? Too warm??  Yup - had to put the heater off- and get rid of the extra blankets. And open the window !!!

And so the Bothy now has the seal of approval of the rest of the family.

More than that !!  She seems to have been named !!!

Erin seemed to mishear the name at first. And so Buffy the Boffy is now her name..  Buffy the Van Pyre Slayer !!  Seems Legit !!

Have to get some lettering and finish the job off...

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  1. Aha! A new definition of a 'a few'! Oh well, I've been known to do that too; in the process of now of going back to update (include more photos) in some of the Bucket List Trip blogs, here: