Monday, 15 April 2013

15th April - Back to Normalcy Monday

Can we define what is normal?
Well for us it could reasonably be anything so this Monday is really not totally unlike any other - but it seemed appropriate to get up a little earlier than normal and start on the mountain of paperwork that seems to have grown around me in the last few weeks.
Much of the paperwork is probably unimportant - but there is a bit of documentation that has to be sent off to the Insurance Company for the Bothy - which needs to go - and it is in the pile somewhere.
Maybe I should sort it into separate piles to start off.
That normally works and gives the delusion of making progress -
Three large piles - "Urgent", "Really Urgent" and  "Duw !! Duw!!"  as they say here in Wales....
That way something important may pop up to the top...

But while I sorted a bit of banking out and payments before 8.30am this morning - I did get a little distracted and put together a short video (as you do !!)

It was as we walked up the garden path on Saturday that we heard the distinct sound of a cockerel crowing in the Chicken House...  Our two cockerels were not meant to crow until they were at least a few weeks older and then they could be in the pot... but no !! not our precocious little things.

As a result - a new home was required as they are still too young and small to provide more than a sandwich - and so we did a trip down to the Tollgate - and a lovely roast dinner for Sunday and helped put the pigs in to the trailer ready for market ....

But the chickens of course had to have a a short video to commemorate their holiday...

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