Friday, 5 October 2012

5th October 2012 - We must be nuts ..

It is at least dry - though the rain has been pouring through most of the night.
Today we head up to Coventry as a staging post towards the border of England and Scotland - Hadrian's wall to assist a dozen intrepid walkers who will be travelling from Newcastle to Carlisle in 5 days along the wall
Apparently we could have dry, rain or even snow as we go ..
But the Crimson Moon has to be up and fire lit each evening as the walkers make their tired way to us.. Fresh cooked food - breakfasts in the morning and lunch at stop off points along the way.

Set a new gallery up on Facebook to use for the event - so hopefully will get some additional sponsorship along the way
 Will update later with some more stuff...

Got to Coventry fine... will be heading off to Newcastle in the morning..
time for another beer - g'night

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