Thursday, 4 October 2012

4th October 2012 - UK and Fuel !!

Okay ...
Flying is no great problem - sit back and enjoy and read a book
Driving is no real problem - get in the front seat and let the other half drive - seems a good idea since you have been driving the wrong side of the road for the last two weeks.
Get to your destination and decide that you want more fuel before the final trip back to Wales ..
Get to the petrol pump and ... then it can all go horribly wrong!!
Yes .. I know it is a diesel car - that is why we bought it - so we could transfer it to Biodiesel in the future.
Yes .. I know that it clearly says DIESEL in big letters  when you open the petrol cap ( see what I did there?)
Yes .. I know that it is only the stupid people that could possibly put the wrong fuel into a car
Yes .. We had been using unleaded 95 for the last two weeks..
Yes .. I did check carefully that it was the ordinary unleaded and not the super expensive unleaded!!
Yes .. we were talking about how expensive the diesel was after two weeks away and how it had gone up 7p a litre
Yes .. I did put 59.9 litres of Unleaded 95 into ta diesel Nissan Terrano - costing me £77
NO.. I did not drive the vehicle !  
At 59.9 litres I suddenly thought - "This is a Diesel car"   ...
Slightly unsure I checked with Susie sitting in the driving seat..
The look I got of incredulity  was something I will have to live with for a long time methinks ....

Yes .. it does cost £145 to get the Drain Doctor out to a Tesco forecourt and ..
Yes .. RAC would have charged me £179.99 plus VAT and towed me up to 10 miles so they could sort it in the morning..
No .. I did not use RAC - thank you kindly but no thank you
Yes .. they did come out within 3/4 hour and do the business
Yes .. they did take £77 unleaded fuel from my tank and "apparently" can do nothing with it
Yes .. an hour later I had put £84 diesel into the car but most importantly
YES.. It worked !!!

Plans to come back yesterday fell by the wayside as I booked a taxi to get Susie to her father's while I waited .. but was too late to get back to Wales as planned that night ...

Pack of Pork pies for £1 and an expired sandwich for 79p - best bargain I had all night - but staved off the hunger ...

Couple of Scotches to settle the stomach and and early start this morning

Luckily - still working on Crete time so getting up at 7am seemed a lie in.
4 hours drive back - deciding to go via main roads an motorways all the way - not convinced it was any quicker in the end - but got back in reasonable time.

Managed to empty the Van this evening and set the bedding up.
Got the tentage into the Trailer and sorted some of the stuff.
Finish the loading tomorrow and then up to Hadrian's Wall for the Challenge
Weather not looking too good
Got 5 bags of Charcoal - hope it will be enough

Ho Hum !!


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