Wednesday, 3 October 2012

3rd October 2012 - One the road again -

Well, on the wing I suppose!!
Managed an early start and it was raining !!!
Not hard but noticeable - large spots of rain on the balcony and looking over the water we could see islands that we had not seen during our two weeks here.
The general dark haze that is often on the horizon was washed away allowing the better view into the distance.

Put another 20 Euro fuel into the hire car and judged it just about right. Though they did not check the fuel level when we took the car back!!!

Had an hour wait at the airport and then decide to go and see if we could drop the cases off anyway - even though the boards were not saying that the gates were open. Founds that they were happy to take them and that we were able to pass straight through  security with our hand baggage though the gate was still not showing. Everyone just seems to know that easy Jet always comes in at the same gates - which makes sense really.

Sitting outside Gate 11 now - 12.40hrs local time - flight is due to depart at 13.50hrs.....
Ho Hum....

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