Monday, 15 October 2012

15th October 2012 - Monday ...

It is a little like having a hangover I have decided!!.
You wake up early and you are stiff all over your body - with the fatigue of over used muscles. Sort of Flu without the illness! In this case it is to try to run the gauntlet of the Doctor Surgery Phone Lottery at 8.30am - trying to get an appointment to see someone. Not for me - Susie seems to have got herself a hernia by the symptoms.

Manage to do a little accounts work - starting the asset listing for the sale of the Moon.
10am - the sun is shining - though the energy levels are still running very low.
Time to get the canvass out of the trailer and do something with it.
 Managed to get them all hanging in the sun - thought still a little cold - and went in for breakfast.
Susie back form the doctors by now - midday - and heading off to the hospital to make appointments for scans and stuff.
And then of course - it starts to rain !!!!

Would take too long to take down again so I pull the large green tarpaulin over the lot and hope for the best!!!

all neatly stored  - well maybe not !

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