Monday, 23 April 2018

23rd April 2018 - On Line Banking - Pleasures and Pitfalls

Thought for the day :"Don't trust stairs - they are up to something"

Frustrations of on line banking !!!  A few years ago I finally managed to get down to one credit card and as there was a fine offer of zero percent interest for 3 years it made more sense to pay monthly rather than clear it at the time. When we changed the mortgage, they recommended clearing it but it was a monthly payment and no interest so not really a matter for consideration.

But of course the months go by and if I was a little more astute I would have been counting down the days to the last free payment - but I, like many who keep the banks running, found myself with the bill with a stupid amount of interest - I immediately rushed to get funds, but decided to stall for two weeks to see if the Premium Bond cam up with Ernie before paying and then set about getting the exact payment details and doing the "on-line" transaction...

I don't check my accounts every day - I probably should - but I have a little thingie - probably called an app these day, on my phone that tells me if any account goes below £100 so generally I do not panic much...

So when I go in to pay my bar bill - yes oops - pre-ordered drinks at Swansea Masonic Hall and came home without paying I see that the account is far healthier than it had any right to be - due to the rejected payment. Seems I added a couple of extra digits in the reference and it rejected it - correctly I suppose otherwise I would still be chasing where the money went.

So another call to the company and that Russian Roulette of the "security question". I don't actually know how many accounts I may have with Halifax/Bank of Scotland and that is a question that comes up regularly. The card in question has not been used for several years as a card - only as a bank transfer and I have no idea where it is so cannot give the 3 digit security number on the back. This time I guessed correctly whether it was in my name only or there were other users on the card. That has caused me to fail in the past as two questions wrong and they cut you off..

However - with the magic of modern banking - scary as it is to watch thousands of pounds disappear into the ether - I was able to say "It has gone" and get a reply -"Yes that is received" in the space of two seconds - oh - and a confirmation text on my phone.

I remember the old days of writing out a cheque and finding a stamp and hoping there were no delays in the postal service to cause another day's interest....

But - sometimes you have to ask - and he waved the interest for the period between my failed payment and today ...   so anything is possible..

But today I can confirm that from the start of my working life I only have my monthly full balance payment of Tesco - from which I get enough points (I hope) to pay my senior Citizen rail card at half price and my trip to Germany through the tunnel.

So the sun is shining - sort of! we have had a few glorious days of sunshine - apparently that is summer over for another year and the temperature will be dropping again.

Best get in the garden and clear some rubbish - wash the car and photograph it to see if we can sell it for my father in law.  well maybe a cup of tea first !!

Maybe change a profile picture and wallpaper

Cheers !

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