Sunday, 17 August 2014

17th August 2014 - Hand-fasting and Hectic Days

Thought for the day: "Haunted French pancakes give me the crepes."

Well, back from Almondsbury after a rather frenetic weekend. Arrived in good time and managed to get Bertha the tent up without too much trouble. Forecast was for a bit of rain - but the weather stayed fine and I was able to get everything prepared for the wedding ceremony and for an evening playing in the Crimson Moon.

 Seemed a little strange to see the old tavern there in all its glory. All set up without any effort and waiting to open for the guests. Of course, when I gave up the tavern I said that I would also give up the hard work of setting up large tents..  Seems that the wish was greater than the actuality - as Bertha takes a lot of effort and about 4 hours to get fit for purpose...  But happy with the result....

 In this case, all set up for the food and to receive the guests allowing the Moon to be used for drinking and singing in the evening....   Tables all laid out for the food... Sadly, a lot of effort went into getting the lighting all set up so that it would act as uplighter without glare.... and getting the power sockets ready for the food heaters..   Of course - all that effort would have been better if anyone could work out how to start the generator behind the tent - I certainly couldn't !!! And we managed without power at all on this side of the site..
So, only a quick review at the moment...  Getting up this morning we were of the opinion that the rain was coming in and it was a scrabble to get the tents down in time.. Almost made it ! The top got a little damp - but will be out  again on Thursday or Friday for Herstmonceaux Castle... May decide on Thursday so that it stays in the wrap for a shorter period of time...  Longer time to set up as well - found it a little hard to set up and then play straight away..

And so, one picture of the happy couple and the hand-fasting.. And sorry to the bridesmaids..  I checked twice, to make sure that I had their names right !! Zoe and Clara !!!   Spoiled it all by calling Chloe forward - that sounded about right - but left me with no name for the second - thought afterwards - I could have called her Zara and doubled the problem...

Enough for one night
Glass of Chateau 41 - White - to welcome me home...


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