Wednesday, 20 March 2013

20th March 2013 - Into the hands of Ebay...

"Normal service will be resumed when it is warm enough".. Seemed a simple enough statement when made, but 8 days later it is still difficult to throw of the Bob Cratchit mannerisms of wearing gloves while trying to hit the keyboard....  Yes . I know that Bob had no computers - but work with me ... Okay ???

So a week goes by.
Managed to get to Coventry and load up the van and trailer for a LARP event for the Bear's in the middle of Staffordshire. Got to event and set up - - mainly in the dry !!!   Blooming cold though!!
Managed to dress the event and serve for a weekend, despite snow, sleet, rain and more rain - and did I mention the rain??
And cold!!  When you put your hot water bottle into your sleeping bag and wake to find it freezing cold - you expect to have been asleep for at least a couple of hours - not 53 minutes!!!!
Never going to sleep on the floor of the van again!!

Well - not in fact as the van has now gone to the new owners of the Crimson Moon - so they can get it down to Glastonbury next weekend. Which leaves me van-less - and therefore cold bed-less.
Alternatives come to mind - the tent - camping in a more traditional manner, a hotel ... more like it ... or a look onto Ebay to see if there is a nice van that you can turn onto a cosy home for the future....

And so - two minutes ago - it seems that I have just bought a Mercedes Van Camper Conversion - sitting in Hampshire now - and I just hope that the fact that the MOT runs until October means that it is sound. Sadly - we have experience of problems as well - but I will be positive and hopeful.

If it works - then Glastonbury Medieval Fayre will be viewed from the comfort of the new Bothy...

If it does not then a few thousand pounds have been spent and you may be able to watch the ramifications of this decision made from cold and fatigue...   it seemed like a good idea at the time after all

Weather forecast says it is going to get colder .....   oh well

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