Monday, 21 January 2013

21st January 2013 - Under the weather

As it says on the lid - sadly - nothing to do with the amount of or lack of snow, climate or weather, just a few days not really feeling very well at all. Started with a cough and a sort of cold which passed quite quickly, now hacking cough that keeps me awake - and the rest of the house - the dogs are complaining !!
Managed to put my back out at the same time - so all in all not really in the best of health...
General consensus may be that it is whooping cough - even thought I had it as a child. Apparently I have all the symptoms.

Better than the alternative however.
That is me done for a day...


  1. Did ye tak tha wee dram o' wusky as I wah tellin' ye tae. laddie?

  2. I certainly did - and it was dram for a' that