Wednesday, 11 April 2018

11th April 2018 - Forget-me-not

Thought for the day:"Met a woman with a taser in her handbag. Her conversation wasn’t up to much, but I thought she was stunning!"

There are many tales that include Freemasonry, and occasionally I see something that I think should be recorded - I know it is all on Google these days - but remembering where to find it and what to put into the search engine to get the right result is always a problem - well for me at least...

However, one of the early items I remember buying as a young Freemason was the Forget-me-not badge and the little card that explained its relevance. During the last war, among other penalised groups - the Freemasons were singled out by Hitler as a disruptive force.

In order that they could still recognise each other while they remained hidden, they would wear a Forget-me-not upon their lapel. After the war - it was adopted by the Grand Lodge of Germany as a symbol.

A daily advancement ....
(or to put it another way - another reason not to learnt he ritual of the Royal Order of Scotland for Saturday!!)


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