Thursday, 7 December 2017

7th December 2017 - Head back int he books - 3 Ceremonies

Thought for the day:"Discovered 2 things today - Kitchen Sex can be wild and exciting - and IKEA Staff are quite narrow minded"

and so we find the rules of Whammageddon - the craze that is sweeping social media ... (yawn)  but is catching the attention of the intelligensia it seems ...   How to avoid hearing "Last Christmas" by Wham as the days come up to Christmas ... Oh well!

there have been worse crazes int he past

While in less important news ...

Well - head back in the book - discovered I have an installation as well as a 2nd Grade Ceremony in Scarlet Cord where I am DC as well as a double candidate in the Secret Monitor where I am in the Chair - ho hum

Cheers - I may be gone some time...

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