Wednesday, 13 December 2017

13th December 2017 - Just a thought

Thought for the day:"'You call this a musical?" asked  Les miserably"

A running around in circles day today..


Day 13 - Restricted Viewing
Start of another day, and sadly had to emerge from the Unwham Sanctuary into the harsh realities of the real world... Car needed its first year service in the Nissan Main dealer - a two hour job, and the only form of entertainment or occupation for the period was the local Leekes Store.. Crosshands.
Crosshands - the very name seemed to taunt me with the potential for anger, for idle hands and the consequent Devil who finds use for them - and worse, as we headed for the dark seclusion of the Aquariums and tropical fish, the jingle of sleigh bells started to permeate from the sound system... Clearly a playlist of everything Christmas... Talking loudly to attempt to cover the sounds, on the flimsy hope that failing to recognise a "certain" tune would keep us safe from disaster, but as we moved from "Santa Baby" and "White Christmas" I found myself in that age old trap - the principle of the dripping tap. The more you try to ignore a sound - the more your brain hones in upon it ...
While in soft furnishing and bedding, I had a brainstorm!!. I walked up to a member of staff, there appeared to be more staff in the store than customer, and none of them seemed to be anxious to engage with the public, but I bowled up to her in my most friendly fashion....
Clearly expecting to be quizzed upon the depth of tog in the duvet or design of reindeer or Christmas bedding sets, she was slightly taken aback as I asked her whether the playlist included a certain song - (one which will remain unnamed in this report - I may not be superstitious but I am not stupid in tempting fate)
Surely, I thought, if the staff were in the store all day then they must have the playlist etched into their brain, they must know!!!
Sadly the response was not helpful. "This is the first time it has been played - it only started today - we haven't heard it all yet!"
My hopes died as we examined the fires and the power tools ... and "I saw mummy kissing Santa Clause" drifting through the lighting and kitchenware, had they put the volume up? I hoped not but it was difficult not to listen to each song as it came - a Welsh Department Store Russian Roulette .... and then....
Then... I listened harder! Was I mistaken? Was that Sam Smith or Frank Sinatra singing "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - certainly not Judy Garland !!! .... The voices were similar but not that close!! Was it Possible ? Was I really released? Was it indeed a poor and cheap rip off Playlist of Cover Versions ??
"Jingle Bells" - Who sang that? was not conclusive but my heart lifted - there was light at the end of the tunnel - red and rosy like Rudolph's nose.... and then... the proof !! "Merry Christmas Everybody" and clearly not Slade!!! COVERS !!!!
The two hours were up - we strolled out of the Store to collect the car - we remain #unwhammed
Keep the faith - we can do it ...


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