Thursday, 24 November 2016

24th November 2016 - Black What???

Thought for the day :"The depressing thing about tennis is that no matter how good I get, I'll never be as good as a wall."

So, it is Thanksgiving over the pond. I don't mind that too much. We don't celebrate it but we can acknowledge that others may want to. What gives me more concern is the propensity for all the media to bang on about "Black Friday". Now Black Friday always used to be the Friday before Christmas. It was the last working day often and the day that all the office workers would have Christmas parties and after hours drinkies - and end up trollied in a club in town, get home to a domestic disturbance, end up in the wrong bed or sit on the curb throwing up wishing to be at home talking to God on the big white telephone.

It was a busy day for policing - but otherwise affected most people only little. Except for the hangover the next day...

But now, we have been subjected to Black Friday Week on all my advertising. Special Offers. Best Deals. Buy it now. And why?? because in America Thanksgiving Thursday - the 4th Thursday in November, is followed by Black Friday... What has that to do with us???

It seems to be the only time that America is happy to celebrate Black Anything. But like Halloween and Trick or Treat (or is it now Trick a Treat?) we seem to be importing all the worst customs of our old colonies.

A quick look at my Google shows me..
a media circus for sales and americanisation...

But I saw a cunning way to get out of giving presents this year - I shall go onto Facebook and expound the benefits of BREXIT and how TRUMP will bring in a new era of prosperity to the world - that will lose me a lot of friends...

Now I will carry on ignoring the media and advertising - Happy Thursday


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