Wednesday, 23 November 2016

23rd November 2016 - Desperately seeking Susan

Thought for the day:" I found my magic sleep number - it is 6 - 6 glasses of wine"

So - back to 1963...  and a junkyard owned by Mr Foreman

But whatever happened to Susan ??  I couldn't remember but the wonders of the world these days is that someone out there knows...

"Susan continues to travel with the Doctor and her two teachers until the 1964 serial, The Dalek Invasion of Earth. During the events of that story, Susan falls in love with David Campbell a young freedom fighter in the 22nd century. However, Susan feels that she has to stay with and take care of her grandfather. The Doctor, realising that Susan is now a grown woman and deserves a future away from him, locks her out of the TARDIS and leaves after a tearful farewell. Ford reprised the role of Susan on television in the 20th anniversary special The Five Doctors (1983), but no mention of David, or what became of him, was made on screen. In the novelisation of the same story, they are still married, while she struggles to age herself by applying make-up. Ford also reprised her role for the 1993 charity special Dimensions in Time"

Well - there you have it !!!

of course it wasn't really in colour then - but with the wonders of modern science and technology

True Colours
Gentler times ..

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