Friday, 21 October 2016

21st October 2016 - Born in the Fifties

Thought for the day :"I bought a vacuum cleaner six months ago and so far all it's been doing is gathering dust."

A bit more nostalgia - this time about the fifties which happens to be when I was born ..

Remember eating jam sandwiches and collecting bottle tops?

The 1950s saw the coronation of the Queen (on a television set!), the Festival of Britain, the end of rationing, rock'n' roll and the arrival of us! When Mum stayed at home cleaning with only a mangle to help and we played outside all day.
Then came the swinging '60s and the first warm glow of central heating. We watched men go into space, marvelled as British music took the world by storm and England actually won the World Cup. What a great time to be young!

Yes - I remember having a bath in a tin bath filled from the kettle - It was at my grandmother's house and the tin bath hung up above the sand pit and was brought into the kitchen...

We think of on-line shopping starting the delivery system and though I accept it is a lot easier we did have large amounts of "stuff" delivered - the milk - the bread - the meat ...

Playing outside with little thought about safety.. This photo is from the 60's a stark reminder that even in the 60's there were bomb sites still around - this one in Manchester.  Falling over ? Brush yourself down and pretend it did not happen !!

We were lucky enough to have television fairly early - but there was always the Saturday Morning Pictures. In my later childhood I also had the Robert Mayer Concerts - travelling on my own up the tube to London to get to the Festival Hall for free Saturday morning concerts. Not sure any parent would be allowing this these days ...   happier times.  Looking at Google - though he died in 1983 at the age of 105 it seems that the concerts still exist ... Maybe a future study..

This image took me back to the days of trying to tear off the corner without spilling the orange..

Posters and pictures on all the walls - well maybe I was not that fascinated by the Beatles but my room looked a little like this

And the cars - well we covered that yesterday really ...

And kitchens could be bright - I remember having a gas fridge. I was always confused by having to light the fridge - but now I know the technology it makes more sense ....

and of course - the lava lamp...  with images in my mind of the "Prisoner" ..

Used to have one of these and loved the glow - happy that the retro market has brought some back - though I have not been tempted yet...

But that is of the past..

We have had another farce of a US presidential election debate ..
I will leave this image here  ... and who would you vote for ???

Enough to drive you to drink...

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