Saturday, 1 October 2016

1st October 2016 - Progress and Delays

Thought for the day:"Wine improves with age - I improve with wine - seems fair"

A trip up to Fishguard for an installation in the Order of the Secret Monitor and the rain tipped down for most of the way - but the sun shone on occasion ....

Got a phone call today regarding the elusive Mr Cloke - at last the police have decided to follow up the case - and will be looking later in the week - and so we can prepare for Crete on Wednesday..

Also got a call from my engineer in the recording studio - and sadly he has departed to London and is not really intending to come back for any period of time - so my recording carreer is a bit on hold as well.. Trying to get the recordings so I have something to work with even for practise..

So - Sunday tomorrow and a Sunday Lunch in the Falcon Hotel in Carmarthen
Will be enjoyable..

I will leave this here so I can find it again ..

What Susie wants for Christmas

and on  a musical note...

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