Friday, 19 February 2016

19th February 2016 - Ladies Nights and Last Minute Plans

Thought for the day: "When it rains, my wife just stands at the window looking kind of sad … Maybe I should let her in .."

Am quite humbled ..   found this in the LARP CON pages today - having been nominated in the Bard of the Year section - the nominations include what people have said ...

Iain Sewell
“This pub running, joke telling, song writing, tale telling gentleman is truly the most fantastic bard any of us have been honoured to encounter.”
“, let's face it he's a legend, you can even find him on youtube and you should... and a green one, and a green one and a green one and they all go tiky tacky and they all look just the same.”
“best bard in the entire world. In any world.”

LARP Awards nomination ..

Meanwhile - back on the theme of Ladies Night, we have been a little disappointed by a series of cancellations at the last minute...  some of which only were found out by random conversation - no attempt to give notice.. As Susie tells me now - I should have just invited all my friends to a Birthday Party and held it in the Hall !!  I would have had a better response..

However - the preparations are completed...


Flower Displays


and an evil face ...  Could be the Joker :)

and ready to take over to the hall

tables set
Harlequin theme works quite nicely

Stage area

looking down the Hall

And Columbine oversees nicely..

And so the hall is filling up niceley

Sadly, cannot find the cable for the camera to charge it up - Do not really want to take the big one ..
Oh Well - will find something I suppose...

and Finally 
I've not see the new Star Wars film yet - but I have seen enough random posting to enjoy this one ..
 Cheers !

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