Friday, 12 February 2016

12th February 2016 - Streetlife and Streetwise

Thought for the day :"Everybody seems to forget.. Frodo simply walked into Mordor"

There are a number of stories that circulate where occasionally some genuine kindness is captured.  In this video, the set up is simple, put a youngster on the street with a begging bowl near to a genuine homeless person - and then watch.. Now I do not support begging in the streets. Like many I find myself rarely engaging with people who have fallen on poorer times. I sympathise with those who feel that "getting off your backside" and doing something constructive is the solution. However I also understand that many are unable so to do, for a multitude of reasons, many of which are not of their own making.

I say I do not engage, but I certainly would not revile or chastise. Would not strike or throw food over them. These are heartless acts and cruel...   Not all would survive with a sense of dignity - I liked this video even though the circumstances were forced at the beginning. I share it anyway ..

Meanwhile, in other areas, I occasionally get attracted by thinking outside the box, and love alternative solutions. With roads becoming ever more congested and bus lanes restricted to buses and taxis - I loved this solution .. Buses with an underpass..

Don't know if they will ever catch on ..  But China thinks that they may ..

A fine concept ... 

And with that I shall have a glass of 41 ..
Cheers !

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