Thursday, 19 November 2015

19th November 2015 - The Wonders of auto writing

Thought for the day:"Drink responsibly don't spill anything"

Well, it maybe Thursday but it sounds more like a TB Ward in my house.

I seem to have had this cold for 2 to 3 weeks now. Parts of the day are not too bad but early morning is a real struggle. I think it must be the over night buildup of phlegm in the back of the throat.  So, while I am coughing I thought about my daily blog..

While we cannot do anything with the common cold, on the other hand there is some movement in technology which seems to be working quite well. 

I'm writing this blog using small tablet and just talking into it it. Might not be as easy as I thought because I cannot find a text document that I can just write into, so as an alternative I decided to send myself an email with all the text in it. Seems to be working very well sadly there is not an option to put a full stop after speech. it just keeps going on and Lettuce of course I have not seen something yet. 

That was interesting it seems when I say "unless" I get "and lettuce" but other than that it seems to ignore my coughs and though I may have to take a tissue to wipe the screen it seems a way to write.

But a quiet day today. It has been a busy week. 
I started on Monday in Caerphilly not the Castle but the temple for an installation for the order of Athelstan. 
Tuesday was a trip to Milford Haven for an installation in the craft in Old Priory Lodge. That was an interesting evening. There were 12 ruling Masters out of a total of 27 for the province and the Masters song sung by Trevor Hill who is 94 years young. I really hope that in 33 years time I am still about and able to sing with half the zest that he managed.,
Wednesday Cardigan. Another installation this time with Knights Templar Priests.
So tonight with only a committee meeting has been a bit of Light relief.

But it all goes back tomorrow as I head up to Fishguard for, guess watch another installation again in the Craft. 
Tomorrow is Saturday. It is a weekend but then there will be an installation in the order of the Royal and Select Masters and ceremony of the silver trowel.
Sunday is always a chance to have a rest but not this week. Seems I have arranged a nice Sunday lunch for my own lodge, so this has been pretty hectic week.
Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it. 

But for tonight I thought I might just open up a nice bottle of Chateau 41...  until Susie came home from her choir practice and pointed out that a friend had a birthday party and wouldn't it be nice if I could drop her off...  Well she deserves it -  so it looks like a cup of coffee and some Diet Coke and maybe some cough medicine. 

So that's about all for one day. I lift my diet coke and and say cheers

Oh - and just as an aside - it seems that today shares two celebrations - It is International Men's Day as well as National Toilet Day  - is there a connection??  

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