Tuesday, 17 November 2015

17th November 2015 - Extreme Measures

Thought for the day:"Reversing the car - that takes me back .."

The world is full of outrage over the terrorist attacks in Paris. The news is full of it to the extent that there is no other news. 24 hour coverage of one story. However important, this is not what I thought we would get when 24 hour news started. I used to be a News-o-phile - watching either BBC or Sky news as a default on the television, or, of you recall, ITN news 24 which I used to prefer. However, the current theme is to repeat everything every 15 minutes in case you have just switched on. That means I now watch for 15 minutes and switch off. It seems to me that the attention span is shortening. I do not see it as a good way forward.

I note a comment this morning congratulating BBC for their extensive coverage on how vulnerable the country is and the key points that could be taken out to disable the country. Well done BBC! There is a cartoon -

Of course I am just as shallow. I spent some time yesterday changing my cover and profile images on Facebook because it was Monday ..

I quite enjoyed making the image, it seemed to go with my thoughts about where we are heading ...

Meanwhile, I had a look at Zoopla for my house today. It was prompted by a call from the Express Estate Agency saying that they thought they may be able to sell my house better than Dawsons. Well, I thought, Dawsons had found me one viewer in 8 months, which is not a very good record. Ans as a result found that if I looked at Zoopla and my property address - I get a message saying that the house was originally listed in April 2015, which it was, and this image clearly showing "Archived"

I called Dawsons, who checked the file, and told me that they were getting all sorts of enquiries and hits upon the site and were waiting on someone getting back... I was not very impressed. We shall see.
Of course, apparently I did it wrong. I have to go into zoopla home address. Then search from start - don't include the address in the search.. Doing this - I find a rather nice house in New Road that I did not know was for sale on page 4...  for the same price as mine, and very similar accommodation. It got worse then when that house kept on appearing at the top of the page as a "featured" property.
No I had to wade down to half way through page 13 before mine came up - though in fairness it does not show as being "archived" if you mange to find it that way..

So Express Estate Agents will pop up tomorrow to let us know what they think...

And my mind goes to do it yourself...  and I found the following little video which I found slightly illuminating - all about tape measures..  Now I know it is American, but the measures seem, to be standard so I will check later if the features are as they say..
But did you know that there was a little hole in the end to put over a screw or nail? Or that the end was loose so that the width of the tag was included when measuring from outside a structure? Or that the length of the measure body was written down so you could include it in the measurement ??  Perhaps you did . I didn't. I found it a little interesting as they would say in QI

So here is the video...

And so, a busy week. Installation in Caerphilly yesterday for the Order of Athelstan.
Installation in Milford Haven for the Craft today.
Knights Templar Priests in Cardigan tomorrow.
Thursday looks to be fairly clear but then Fishguard for Installation in the Craft on Friday..
Ho Hum !!

Maybe they will have Pie !!

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