Monday, 24 August 2015

24th August 2015 - An interesting day !!

Thought for the day:"Why did the pirate go on vacation? ..........He needed some AARRRRGGH and AARRRRGGH!"

It all started fairly easily.. a nice lie in until 8am and and getting up to make a cup of tea for everybody...   The van and trailer were out the front of the house - and after 8am there is a yellow line that means that you should not park there - so at 8.30am we moved the van and trailer into the car park behind the masonic hall to keep it safe..

Breakfast and a quiet gathering of bits and pieces and we decide to run around to the warehouse to drop off the kegs of ale that would be used for Caldicot - when the rear wheels seemed very close to the ground on the new van "Dorian"  (for Dorian Grey don't you know - it was a Grey one!)

Round to the Warehouse and it still looks very low to the ground so we popped it around to the local garage to have a look at - seems the main leaf springs are sound as far as they can see - but the dampers may have gone ... and no chance of sorting today ..

In the old days you could get hold of a van with a tow bar fairly easily - but with the new regs and laws about who can drive what - they are very scarce...   Indeed, Bridgend was the closest place that I found with any form of van with tow bar...

So a trip to Bridgend to hire and then load up .. Instead of a 11am start off to Londinium - it is nearer 6pm when we finally get them on the road - and not much room for anything !!! A long wheel based Sprinter can look very empty with stuff that fills a small transit very full!!!

Meanwhile, the Bookers order is confirmed and ready for delivery, the Black Rat order is made and ready for delivery,  the Crimson Munchies order is put into place, Picton Sports and the T shirts look ready for collection ... halogen lights for the outside are replaced - red lights for the bar are sorted..

Change of plans for the Caldicot Early Medieval Alliance - we can't use the normal field - so no electrics - so hurried consultation with the caterers and we are working on a generator for lighting...  Should be in place - with TEN applied for - nearly forgot as we inherited the event.

Meanwhile back home, collection of the special PIMMS bottles  (£12 as litre on offer till yesterday), some cloaks to keep me warm - but no room for the guitar at present - though not sure if I will be able to play anyway - but another few days - who can tell ??

Down to the bank to pay some money into an account that is hemorrhaging at the moment ...   everything seems to be money out !!!

Finally - everyone off and a chance to see what else is needed..

Day to sort things tomorrow and then off to Renewal ....
Fingers crossed

so - a few more pictures of Raglan ..

and so to bed ...

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