Tuesday, 18 August 2015

18th August 2015 - Passive Physio it is then

Thought for the day:"If you believe you can pass a drug test by drinking large amounts of water, you're just diluting yourself."

So, things you can't do with one hand - put contact lenses in... tie your hair back in a pony tail or plait,  type with both hands, hold a 3 litre bottle of diet coke and pour it safely.

Things you can do with one hand, order beer and cider, order glasses, change cover pages.. (this one for Raglan Pirate Event)

arrange schedules, order polo shirts, examine stock sheets, count assetts, consider logistics...

Today was the first day of passive physio...   in that I am allowed to swing my arms holding a child's inflatable boat paddle, as long as I use the strong arm to control, I can lift the arms to vertical, wait a while without the sling on, and slowly lift the bad arm with the good - 10 of each and it hurts like anything - that is good ?? yes ???

A picture from the hand-fasting with the Golden Avatar from Germany as a new cover picture..

But that about does it for one day... Glass of wine to wash down the Cocodomol - apparently that is not meant to happen...

Tomorrow, Bookers, Lyme Bay, transport arrangements to Renewal, power supplies for raglan, benches and seating for raglan - plenty to do...


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