Thursday, 26 February 2015

26th February 2015 - New Tents and Machines..

Thought for the day: "Shin: a device for finding furniture in the dark."

Well things seem to be heading in the right direction. The new tent arrived up in Hartlepool so we have a covering. There should be a meeting today to see about Bosworth and Galstonbury - the hire of our tents and working in cooperation with the Stagger Inn. I am waiting today for the delivery of the new Card machine - a necessary expense.

Sadly, I received a letter today stating that the solicitor for the other party is away until March 2nd so we have a delay before we find out what is hapening there.

Meanwhile, the hits on the Crimson Moon Facebook pages have received a record number of hits, and I have a four more links added - so all is going well.

Last night I had an enquiry about a wedding into 2016 - for the Summer Sostice. Taken a provisional booking. Would be in the Northampton area. That makes two advance bookings for 2016 for private events - on top of the ones that I would hope will run - the Vale and Curious Pastimes.

Latest videos from Days gone by on line....  No 8 - the English Civil war Society and the Adams School back in 2006.

Off to the Registrar today to notify the death of Eileen. The Certificate has been signed by the Doctor and everything is ready to go ahead for the probate.

Sorry that the Blog has been limited recently but there have been many things happening ...
We will get back to normal soon ..


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