Friday, 20 February 2015

20th February 2015 - On the Road Again

Thought for the day : "My mate died of heart burn ....... I cant believe Gav is gone!"(don't blame me blame Warren Buckley....)

Well - all set for the trip to Leicester. The Bothy is Full and the display is set - and it is off on the road to the LARP Awards and Awareness day.

Aiming to get there for 1.30pm. Doors do not open to the stall holders until 2pm - but best to be there early to get the best pitches...

I have no idea what will happen  - but we shall see what happens. Latest solicitor's letter has gione to the other party - so they will be fully aware of what we are doing as I go live.

Never liked conflict - we will see what happens ...

"On the road again... I can't wait to get on the Road again  ♪♫ "   

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