Sunday, 10 September 2017

10th September 2017 - Of Vouchers and Flash

Thought for the day:"If you don't drink - how will your friends know that you love them at 2am?"

Sunday - and no learning to do !! that makes a change !
Will have to think about packing for Crete as we leave on Tuesday and I shall be playing the Organ for the Price of Wales Installation tomorrow here in Llanelli.

Thought I would be sneaky today - and joined one of those Voucher Code websites - and sure enough Frankie and Bennies have a special offer at the moment for 25% off the food bill. I thought "That will be useful as we always have a quick meal in the airport after we get through security" and so I sign up for the emails. Always read the small print, I thought as I get ready to email myself the voucher - and yes - sure enough in the small print it excludes airport locations - oh well !!

Can't win them all !

So a day of study today to see how to use a flash unit with my camera - all seems very technical - the inverse square law I think I understand - but not sure how it helps - I think I will just have to experiment again ...

Cheers !

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