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3rd July 2016 - A ship in harbour..

Thought for the day :" I am so old I can remember when I went through a whole day without taking a picture "

I thought I was finished with the EU and politics - my level of disgust with recent reactions only equalled by a deep set fascination with the feeling that I was Harry Seldon sitting and looking at society and being the only one who apparently had an understanding of the social drives that were creating the hysteria... (For those who do not know the reference to Mr Seldon - then start your education by reading Mr Asimov's Foundation series)

I recall how I hated sociology as a subject when I was in University, preferring the more "factual" studies of the structures and the historical perspectives of our political institutions, and those of our foreign neighbours and super powers. I was fascinated how a similar ideology would create the structures that were the British Governmental structure and the American Constitution; how the volatile nature of the "rebooting" French gave them the rights to create another republic anytime they were dissatisfied; how German unification is still driving into the modern Teutonian psyche - balanced by German war guilt; the Long March in China and Russian Divine Right of Kings turned into the Divine Right of the state....  Back in the day I was an idealistic "social climber" - sitting in my fairly comfortable first generation middle class rebel existence - rising through the fourth estate (the press) to be a classless individual, happy to rub shoulders with royalty, aristocracy, the great and the good, the poor and the distressed, with equal status, affection or disdain. To have an elite schooling where I rubbed shoulders with race and religion from over the world, provided free of charge by an education system that allowed the few to bubble up and enjoy private education of the highest level through the "Free Place" system and the Eleven Plus sorting hat that allowed some to go to Grammar school and condemned the rest to technical drawing and a vocational career whether they wanted it or not. I never said it was a fair system - as a precursor of Thatcherism I saw it as an opportunist society - and I had been one of those with an opportunity..

Yes, I hated sociology, but in retrospect it was often because it denied the opportunities that I was experiencing and enjoying. If 97% of the wealth of the country was owned by 3% of the population then there was no chance for anyone to get out of the trap was the theme - so why was I there? Had my early lecturers managed to oust themselves from their own backgrounds and mores and provided an acceptance that there were back doors and exceptions I might have sat in more lectures and suffered the verbal backlashes in tutorial.

We are many years on and the balance in society has become worse not better. I can look back and agree with the analysis that was made then and now - and acknowledge where I was blinded by my own opportunities... but still say that the original teaching should have included that there were exceptions to the rules.. But Harry would have said that those exceptions would not have an effect upon the overall dynamic.  That is how Psychohistory works...

And now I look at a society once more from a position of strength - a career in the Police Service with a comfortable final salary pension and a small business built up not once but twice in 15 years.. I look at society and can recognise much of what was said in those early lectures - I could go back and get a first now I have no doubt...  I think it takes a level of age and experience to be able to withdraw sufficiently to see what is happening ...  Most of us are too close...

So, I thought I was finished with comments but as often happens something popped up in my posts this morning - an article by a writer Thomas Sheridan....   his profile made me sort of warm to him..Artist, Writer, Film Maker, Broadcaster, Cult-Free Independent Researcher, Antiquarian Apostate and Dealer in Street-Smart Sorcery. A Few Pints and Some Laughs Always Welcomed."

He has a blog which sums up some of my thoughts and so I link to him - but as in the past many blogs have been changed or removed in due time I copy his article here with full credit to him for the prose....   Today he says "Brexit Exposed the Hysterical 'Pussy' Nature of Modern Young People"

Take it away Mr Sheridan:

"Brexit Exposed the Hysterical 'Pussy' Nature of Modern Young People

Life has a certain delicious vitality associated with risk. Remaining as you were, is stagnation and entropy. A leap into the unknown is better than the security of comfortable, conditioning over the long run. Risk is the engine of possibilities. It unleashes creative ideas and solutions.

What did we see as the response by young people who were told about the democratic passing of the Brexit vote? Sheer, hysterical, conservative terror, and closed-minded bigotry against the working classes and older voters. A generation raised within Richard Dawkin's safe spaces of 'reason' and who have turned out to be more terrified of change and the unknown than the older generations they desire to exterminate for voting the 'wrong way'...bad, bad older people!!! You have made Tarquin the media studies, third year student from Hampshire cry and stamp his progressive designer boots in horror and vitriol. "Keep the world the same!!!" That's the young people of today, all waiting for Simon Cowell or Louis Walsh to allow them a chance to grow as individuals, or worse still, waiting for the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union, Trotskyite Professors, and the Fabian Society/London School of Economics spooks who infest the likes of the BBC and the Guardian newspaper to do something to take the votes away from people who voted for Brexit.

Brexit will be looked upon as one of the defining moments of Western civilisation. On par with the French Revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The last dice that academic Marxism - in tandem with their corporatist, globalisation,benefactors - had to play with, and, which crapped out. The reaction of the leftist intellectual elite holding hands with the likes of Peter Sutherland of Goldman Sach/World Bank in attempting to incite a Bernays-like coup upon the consciousness finally demonstrated - to all who can still think for themselves - what working class hating fascists they all are. The real agenda of globalism was there for all to see.

It also brought about a closure which began with the London School of Economics/BBC graduates in the late 1980s of reengineer the British working classes. Treating them like lab rats using the Pavlovian conditioning of Eastenders, Little Britain and Tellytubbies. Destroying the family structure, altering their thought processes, and with Little Britain, making them despise their own existence. Gaslighting them into oblivion, and then promising them their neo-liberal globalisation rewards which was to tolerate things no sane person should ever have to tolerate. It is indeed ironic looking back now to a time when the BBC used the otherwise wonderful Fred Dibnah to demolish the landscape of working class Britain, that the Marxist intellectual elite were demolishing the psychology of the communities around the falling smoke stacks. Proclaiming that something vague called 'diversity', and destroying your own identity, was proof of you being fit (in reality, 'worthy enough') to live in their New Statesman dreamworld of the globalist future.

Fred Dibnah - How to bring down a Chimney Stack

Last week, these communities drew a line in the sand and the leftist intellectual behaviourist elite from Harrow, to Cambridge, to Shepherds Bush knew they were finished. Academic Marxism and Globalisation is dead (or at least in the Emergency Ward), and the British working classes are freed from being BBC lab rats. Fred Dibnah must be smiling to himself somewhere beyond the clouds of Fabian dust and rubble. The world will never be the same again."

I copy in full, though in my opinion the last paragraphs are too finely defined upon only the left - while the early comments stand in my view. We can go further and look at the impact from all parts of society who would dwell with the current inbalance while bleating that they are powerless to change it, but fearful of any plunge into the unknown even by democratic means. I must accept that most of the hysteria following the vote has been from those who have grown up only in the shadow of the EU - it is the only world they know. Yet these same people would be the first to call on others to "throw off the yoke of your masters" when they see inequality and injustice in other lands ... Just watch the horror on social media when pointed at other "non-democratic" states

But if we stick to the left - we now have an elected leader of the party which has been vilified and mocked by all parts of the media, hated by his colleagues in power in the parliamentary labour party, who was elected by the first majority of popular vote, who inspired thousands to join a political party with the direct object of supporting and electing him, who still inspired thousands to flock to the recruitment offices ( and don't tell me it is the anti-corbynites rushing to get a vote ), the man who people say "oh him - he is rubbish - doesn't wear a dark suit and tie - didn't sing "god save the Queen" - wants to get rid of the bomb" - the man who people are now saying "Oh - have you seen this speech ??" Or "that one !" Or "Look he goes to work on the bus!" or "He has only claimed £8.95 in expenses since he has been leader"....

"He is unelectable" says the Labour MP's as they are threatened with de-selection by their constituency parties for not following popular membership wishes....

It all seems to me to be a retrospect to a lovely line from Liverpool Scene's "Amazing adventures of..." "National Strike!! All the workers of the world come out on strike. Union Leaders plead "This is not in the democratic nature of our great organisations.." "

My thought for posterity for all those that Mr Sheridan accuses of being afraid to step into the future is this one.... "A ship is safe in the harbour - but that is not what it is for ..."


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