Thursday, 21 July 2016

21st July 2016 - Disks and Dilution

Thought for the day:"The man who invented predictive text died today - his funfair is next monkey."(day 4 of autocorrect week)

Thorugh my letter box this morning arrived a new CD from a friend in Germany who has crowd funded his second CD - and I must admit it is a good one - very enjoyable - with  my style of folk music .. Fernweh by Sören Vogelsang (also on spotify)

And this is the title song from the CD - makes me want to work with a cello far more.

Nicely- I got a hand written note in the disk..

I wrote two songs, with a cello in my mind -  Tapestry and The Viinshar, but I think that cello would work with many of my songs ...

Ho Hum ...

Meanwhile on other matters - it has been brought ot my notice that there is a great danger that is being overlooked by many !!  The dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide...

 It is just shocking..
How can they let it happen??

A true point ....  and a whole website for it as well ....

Can't be too careful you know - but I always said that water was a great drink... if taken in the right spirit !!!  

You cannot tell what is reality these days !

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