Saturday, 19 September 2015

19th September 2015 - Recalling Re-enactments...they start with ARR

Thought for the day: "I am thinking of selling my excessively noisy budgie. Going cheep."

Seems to day is "Talk like a Pirate" day... I have looked at various days in the past and wondered about the Pirates Days - why they should be called that .. but realised now that they just ARRRR!

And so a Saturday morning, and I travel up to Carmarthen for a meeting of the Dewi Sant Conclave of Past Supreme Rulers in the Order of David and Jonathon or the Order of the Secret Monitor.

And in this case, as a Past Ruler meeting there would be no ceremony but rather a "talk" by myself .. and what subject should I choose ???

In this case, I decided to give an account of how I got to receive my injuries in Germany - and a short account of the differences between reenactment and Live Roleplay to a group of people who it seems were well entertained but had no idea of what I spoke !!

But I told them of the Nine Dragons and the Dragon Fest - and the challenge on the Green Gate and how I received my injuries - and they tried to lift a full set of chain mail, and examined the differences between my "blunt" axe and my Role Play axe...  and not once did I talk like a pirate...

But a nice meal in the Ivy Bush among friends and my role as Very Worthy Brother Iain went without too many hiccoughs and the next meeting for that conclave is the installation of my successor in March ...  Time to think about my own installation in St Teilo in the craft on Thursday...     
And so - the remainder of the day is quiet - a time to watch TV and sit back
More paperwork tomorrow I think ..



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