Monday, 30 March 2015

30th March 2015 - Preparations and Procrastination

Thought for the day:" "Did you sleep well?" "No, I made a couple of mistakes." "

Up and out early this morning and a trip to Bookers to see if my card still worked. It did. Last September I called int o find out that as I had not used the card for over 3 months they had taken my account off line. I pointed out that I was a "seasonal" trader and they grudgingly put me back on ...

So it was witha  high level of doubt and uncretainty that I went to the counter today and flashed my card at the scanner machine - only to hear a bright "Ting" which signified that they were willing to take my money ... Did not really know what I wanted but managed to spend over £300 on various items .... You can't make money unless you spend it I suppose!!!

All sorted now - I think!! and ready for the off on Thursday - Off to the South Coast tomorrow and back on Wednesday - so it will be a very busy week.

Have to check whether there are any benches and tables available for hire at the site ..  Should have done it this morning but too busy running around in circles..  Note to self !!!
Also have to pay for the extra Lyme Bay stock bought today - they seem to be out of Traditional Mead as well as Tournament - not a good sign - but probably beacue they are putting the prices up after today....

So - not much more to say - watching University Challenge and drinking the last bottle of Chateau 41  - but we will be away for a couple of days and then I shall be away for Easter...   Busy Busy Busy  
Saw this observation posted today :
Human blood is almost twice as fattening per ml as beer." if this is true why are vampires portrayed in the arts as skinny?

So there !!!

Cheers !

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