Monday, 18 August 2014

18th August 2014 - Of Falconry and Fantastica..

Thought for the day : "I tried to catch some fog, but I mist."

A day spent working on photographs from the weekend.  A great celebration of hand-fasting and marriage for a lovely couple. Sadly - I do not know any of them to be on Facebook - so the galleries posted late today are probably lost on all of them - but I have posted anyway...  The Flickr versions will appear as well and they can access those in due course..

 But in the meantime a selection of images from the weekend will suffice...  A lovely day for all who were there I think .. Certainly I enjoyed 
A high point was when Tony and Sheila from Raptorcare managed to train a bird ( I hesitate to say a Falcon as I really do not know the species) Flew their bird down to the couple with a small pouch of herbs and flowers, with special meaning written on a small framed picture they presented ... 
 Meanwhile, my mothers trusty broom form the balcony, wrapped an beflowered so elegantly my Susie was the key part of the broom jumping ceremony  ...
It was lovely to see Hayley with her two daughters as Bridemaids ( yes I got their names wrong !! It was that sort of day !!)  
And of course Hayley looked stunning as the bride ....
During the hand-fasting the wrapping of ribbons as part of the vows and expressions of love and devotion..

And of course the high point - the jumping the broom ...   It seems that when I mentioned that in olden days, the one who jumped higher would rule the roost in the home - was taken to extreme by the groom - good for him I say !!

And so - friends form the re-enactment world were there to present a guard of honour for their egress....

And of course - the cutting of the cake....

Feeling good about the whole weekend
I think I will try a glass of Chateau 41 ( red)  and maybe a glass of scotch to finalise the day..


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