Monday, 28 April 2014

28th April 2014 - Home Alone Diaries 6 - Is it true that dust doesn't increase?

Thought for the day : "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."

Up bright and early, and the sun is shining. Normally a good sign and a bonus for the day. However, the sun shining through the window does rather accentuate the fact that I have not done any housework for the klast week, and there appears to be a fair amount of dust around. Housework is not really a priority in my house. It is one of those things that are required and put off and achieved when we have guests coming, or Christmas,  or some somebody coming to view the house!

The house is off the market for a few weeks more. It is not Christmas. There is no-one coming to visit! Three good reasons to try to ignore the dust. There is a sign just inside the front door that reads..."Boring women have immaculate homes" I certainly do not have a boring wife !!

Of course a lot of the house can't really be seen, due to boxes, and collections of "stuff" due for Ebay or discard...  Can't really move any of that until it is sorted properly. It would be like me gardening - I would throw away the valuable stuff and leave  the weeds... But I wonder about the dust!!!

Dog hair I know about. If you leave it, it will increase in depth and quality. It could be finely woven I am sure, indeed I recall an experiment back in the earlier days to collect the dog hair and spin it. I don't think it was particularly effective. Most vacuum cleaners cannot handle dog hair. There is no real substitute for using an old pair of training shoes and dragging the foot over the carpet to pull the dog hair into piles and then trying the hoover afterwards. It still blocks the Dyson up!!

I wonder if dust falls on Dog hair? Or are they separate organisms that attack different parts of the house in some form of symbiotic arrangement, like sharks not eating Lawyers out of professional courtesy..

Perhaps it would be a good experiment to find out what would happen if they were left ??

Which brings me to Enoch, and my mother's recollections from her earlier days ....  Grandad Enoch has been mentioned previously.. (11th March 2014 - Enoch and the Vicar) and he was known for his colourful language, his shires and his occasional gem of thought..

Jan reminisces... "One vague Enoch memory when he had had a bad day Sitting at the table (hat on of course) and puffing his pipe “Well Liz one bl—dy tree lost... Will kick the Bu---ers fetlocks tomorrow. Theres a forest still to cut down so no Bl—dy worries “

In other words there is always another day to sort out today’s problems.
Granny (LIZ) used to sit and listen and pour him another sweet cup of tea. 

Its so true..  There's always tomorrow

Maybe I will leave it for a day then - in the interests of science of course.
And out of respect for my great grandfather...
Cup of tea ?

Picture of the week - Keeping it Green..

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