Saturday, 26 April 2014

26th April 2014 - Home Alone Diaries 4 - Thank goodness for Rain !!

Thought for the day : "A backward poet writes inverse"

Well, it rained last night - when I say rain I mean it tipped it down !!  Which is a great thing for the man who is in charge of all the plotment and garden ( I know it doesn't help me with the sewing room and the greenhouse - but it takes a lot of pressure off me...)..
But while on the subject of plotments and greenhouses, I came across a design which gave me some cause for celebration when looking at the number of empty 2 liter bottles of Diet Coca Cola next to my desk..  I have managed to find the best deal for many months now - and am saddened by the decision of both Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons to move to the 1.75 liter bottle and charge the same amount !!  A typically shabby trick of the large supermarket...

 But here I found a Greenhouse - made of bottles and they were green ones!
Sadly I have lost the story behind it, as I kept the piccies and lost the address - but then I was more interested in the design and the way it was constructed...  

 And so I managed to get the pictures ..
The design was simple, canes providing teh structure on which the bottles settled. The extended arch was
to catch the rain water and filter it into the structure..
It is surprisingly spacious for and provides a fair amount of growing room inside ..
Luckily, they took pictures as they built the original.
So, every picture tells a story .. and I will allow the pictures to do so ..
But what about the bottles I hear you say !!!
Simples !!
And the green gives that  little hint of specialism...
And so we have it - a cane greenhouse glazed with bottles ...  I have enough bottles...  I wonder..
Nah !!!   Looks like a lot of work - probably best to leave it to Susie...

In the meantime I shall have to take some of the empty bottle of Chateau 41 downstairs - they are no good for the garden and to be frank are a bit of an embarrassment up here!!!

Better open another one just in case!!

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