Tuesday, 18 February 2014

18th February 2014 - Clearing of the Ways

Today was the day that we handed over the keys for the flat in Burry Port. That is a passing of a time really as Eileen and Arnold were the first residents in Plasy y Mor  and their leaving is a key moment in the building.

But the key has been handed over and the flat is clear. Some new residents will have their life there in the future.  

Meanwhile today was spent in setting up new computers with my mother and in the hope that she can manage the new email systems. Sadly Outlook express - a very easy system of simple email does not work on windows 7 - her new system - so we will have a little bit of in house training to do !!!

Yesterday we went to the Folk evening in Burry Port - I took a shirt of chainmail as I could not find a Gambeson for the song .. and I showed it to some of the customers.. they had little idea of what I spake !! But they still jumped when I dropped it to the floor!

But I videoed the session and was quite happy with the results. A few flaws as usual - Mainly due to standing when used to sitting and having the microphone stand in the way when trying to see the guitar fret board. But not unhappy with the result..

Managed to persuade a solicitor to the hospital bed today to get an enduring power of attorney ..  so all in all a successful day .

Nothing  momentous today .. Just another day in the life...


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