Tuesday, 24 September 2013

24th September 2013 - Home Alone Diaries - Day 2

So, the news from the North is that the Bothy has managed to get up to Berwick on Tweed, and that the whole team has been picked up and is resting in the camp-site. There may be an issue with someone buying a bottle of wine with a cork in it - a strange arcane habit that used to prevail and required a special implement called a "Corkscrew" to assist in opening. I am sure that they will have enough ingenuity to manage something!!!

So the route for tomorrow for the walkers is laid out ...

Meanwhile, 3 eggs today from the girls in the garden. Delft seems to be dry for the second day.

New video from the Green One Global Stable - this time with Star Trek as a poser, and then in Dutch...

Only a few more to process now.....
Managed to process the rest of the wedding galleries and they seem to have come out quite well.

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