Friday, 7 June 2013

7th June 2013 - Blogs Boxes and Basements

Yesterday I found the basement.
Okay, I knew it was there - indeed have taken a photograph of its location and reflected upon the task of trying to convert it into boxes, and build a Jenga tower in the garage. But yesterday I found it. I saw the walls. they slowly revealed themselves like an apparition through the mists of assorted costumery and blanket.  The shelves that stood for years, and now are buckled under the weight of gravity and dust have been removed and the walls stand grubby and grey.... but clear!!!

Some of the sections may have to be replaced. The panelling was only hardboard so it has not survived the hibernation totally intact - but a coat of paint will address most of it. The Shelving that has been dispersed around the house will start migrating into the space and cheese and wine will fill them.

The carpet will need a good soaking to get rid of the stains of many a year and probable spores from being enclosed, but a couple of throw carpets on tops and a chair will return it to its former glory.

The basement once boasted a large television, speakers and cinema style chairs. It will not return to that glory, but will remain a useful storage area, the costumes and material are all boxed now, and still need somewhere to stay, but at least a prospective buyer can see the room now and realise its potential.

Of course - it is only half the full basement!!!
Much has been moved into the Bar and Garden room area - which will of course be the next task.

For that I will need some more boxes.......
But first a cup of tea...

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