Monday, 3 June 2013

3rd June 2013 - Summer at last

I don't want to talk too loudly, but we have had a few wonderful days to start June off.
Locally, the Pontardawe Medieval Fayre went very well. Not too far to travel for me, so the setting up of the Crimson Moon and the arrangement for the stock was the main task.

As with all new events, the organisers had little idea whether they would have a hundred or a thousand through the gates. Certainly from the feel of it, it was nearer the latter.

 It was pleasant to have a day event, but when we arrived it became clear that the organisers had failed to mention that they were having a party for all the volunteers in the evening, and a band, in fact two bands to play. So, a quick thought regarding stock and another two casks and three Black Rat were put onto the list - on the basis that they could be taken onto Wigan in two weeks!!!

But they all went on and half a Black Rat can be taken onto the next event.
The Knights of Arkley jousting group were there in fine splendour, keeping the crowds happy.

The evening looked atmospheric as well, the new LED lighting working very well in the candle environment.

Full slide show available on Flickr as usual..

One video up and running from a Band called Bear Bones, a duo with four members - it works in Folk!!!
Racked my brain all day trying to work out where I had seen John, the singer, and finally realised that I had played Loughour Folk Club Open Mike with him a year ago...
One more of him and also the Mardi Jug Band to go....

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