Saturday, 25 May 2013

25th May 2013 - And sew to bed....

What an excellent day!!
The chickens were 17 weeks old yesterday, to the day. And three of the girls presented us with an egg. Small but fine!
Accepting the fact that with the building of the coop and the run, getting the chickens and feeding them, each of these eggs are worth a small mortgage, that is not really the point. They each have a fine personality and are now about to start laying their keep
Also, Bertha moves forward in leaps and bounds. After days of planning, the rolls of canvas were laid out yesterday and the two ends of the tent are now sewn. Just the middle section and putting it all together to go.

When put into the living room, it shows how big the tent really is going to be. But it works.
Bought the clips for the interior tapestries on line and waiting till next week for them to arrive.
Well, off to Bridgend now for a meeting so will see how things are when I get back...
Quick cup of tea methinks....

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